Pivotal Services' founder and principle is Kevin Eaton whose activities and experience within building services cover many decades but is being kept current and up dated through rigorous CPD.

Kevin graduated from the University of Aston with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was soon carrying out post graduate training which led, eventually, to becoming a Chartered Engineer through the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) in 1985.

Following senior and board level positions in a number of building services engineering consultancies, through which his experience in both mechanical and electrical installation design was gathered, Kevin started surveying services installations for the benefit of clients wishing to know and understand what they were potentially purchasing. It was also during this spell of mixing design and surveying that Kevin gained a full understanding of the legalities of leases and the responsibilities that tenants have for the services installations within their care.

Until recently, Kevin was a low carbon consultant through CIBSE Certification, being one of the first EPC assessors accredited by CIBSE in 2008. The experience gained through becoming an accredited EPC and DEC assessor has given Kevin the authority to review energy efficiencies of building services installations in light of current (and future) legislation on Climate Warming issues as developed through the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

In addition to the above skills, Kevin also acted as an independent Expert Witness in several cases of disputes between landlords and tenants. Two of these disputes went to court where a valuable understanding of legal procedures was gained. Both these cases, incidentally, were found in favour of Kevin's clients.